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Quota Exceeded / Bandwidth Exceeded

Your account has a quota for the amount of disk space you can use, as well as the amount of bandwidth you can use.

Disk space is used by your website, your website's database, and your email messages.  If you don't delete old messages you can quickly fill up your quota - this is usually caused by an incorrect setting in your email program.

Bandwidth is a measure of the amont of data going to and from your account.  This includes visit to your website by people, and also by "spiders" or "bots", which are automated programs that visit websites, usually in order to include them in search engine results.  The most common example would be googlebot.  Bandwidth typically can get very high if you have large images or documents on your website, if you send or receive large emails, or if a web spider is "crawling" your site at a very high rate.  If your quota for bandwidth is exceeded your account will temporarily shut down, but if that happens Indytech will temporarily increase your quota and will investigate the cause to advise if there is anything that needs changed.

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