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Spam prevention

To avoid receiving unsolicited "spam" emails , you can do several things:

  1. Be careful where your email address goes - don't post your email address in forums and be aware when you register on websites that in some cases your email will be used for marketing, and also the website might be hacked and your email address lifted.  Some people use "throw away" email addresses from google, yahoo, etc., for registering on websites and newsletters
  2. Filter spam emails out - you can filter spam emails using some email programs.  Some of these are clever enough to learn what you consider spam, so over time they get more accurate.  Another filtering method is to turn on spam filtering on your mail server - indytech's servers have the option of a spam filter which is free of charge, but is not turned on by default.  This does carry a small risk of legitimate email being filtered out as well, but you would have access to a folder to check this periodically. 
  3. Try to cut spams off at the source - no matter what else you do, we strongly recommend you report every spam email to <a href="http://www.spamcop.net/">Spamcop</a>.  This is a free service, you just paste the email - preferably with the "long" headers, and they track it backwards and report it to the relevant web server host and ISP. 

What you should NOT do:

  1. Don't click "Unsubscribe" links, because they might be something more sinister.
  2. Don't reply and ask to unsubscribe, unless you recognise the email address that comes up when you click reply.  If the spammer gets a reply from you, it only confirms to them that the address is valid.



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